Information about Lynchings in Florida

August 24, 1895 – Samuel Lewis, A Dade City white barber was taken out of his jail cell after killing 3 people including a policemen. The mob hung Lewis from a telegraph pole and realized a round of bullets into his hanging body. In the hysteria the mob attempted to shot an African American deputy but instead murdered another white deputy Sheriff.

September 21, 1910 – Castagne Ficcarrotta and Angelo Albano, Italian immigrants, were lynched in West Tampa, allegedly by a mob of Cuban immigrants.

November 12, 1914 – John Evans was hung front a St. Petersburg light pole and his body was riddled with bullets after he was accused of attacking the wife of a prominent white real estate developer.

April 27, 1930 – John Hodaz, a Hungarian immigrant, was lynched in Plant City.

October 18, 1934 – After being accused of killing a white woman named Lola Cannidy, Claude Neal was tortured, killed, and dragged to Marianna in what is known as the last mass lynching in the United States.

July 19, 1935 – The Lynching of Reuban Stacey occured in Ft. Lauderdale after he was accused of assaulting a white woman.  A photo of the lynching was used by the NAACP in an anti-lynching flyer to try to get support for the passage of the Costigan-Wagner Anti-Lynching Bill.

November 12, 1912-

John Evans was never given a fair trial and lynched from a light post at 9thstreet and 2nd avenue north in St. Petersburg. John Wilson, a journalist and historian, suggests the silence to the details about the lynching to the fact the descendents of the lynchers still live in St. Petersburg. Furthermore, it has been suggested the suspects were white men in “black face.”

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